About Us

Drawing of Sparrow

who we are

I want to start by saying welcome to Little Songbirds online. We are Veteran owned and operated. My life long best friend and I had a passion to start a small business selling high quality bird seed to more customers than just those in our small town. We grew up in the Hill Country of Texas and always loved the colors and sounds of the birds brought to our backyards. We have seen over 168 different species of songbirds in our backyards alone and we want to share our experience with you now. Please check out our line of high-quality seed blends we have to offer.

House Finch
Painted Bunting

our passion for birds

We have a passion equivalent to a chef wanting to serve his customers the highest quality seed and product we are able to provide.  We want to bring joy to our customers by exponentially attracting more birds to your backyard. Our seed is like a five-star restaurant for your birds. Most other seed blends are like your local fast food joints that give you a decent price, but is loaded with unhealthy ingredients that are not desirable to your birds. We want every bird that comes to your backyard to feel that they are dining at their own five-star restaurant.  We also know our high-quality bird seed will attract the most beautiful birds you’ve ever seen in your backyard! 
Finch Drawing