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Premium Blend

Primarily for winter into summer except for the winter fall migration.
Premium blend is geared for all little song birds and consists of Black Oil Sunflower, Roasted Peanuts, White Proso Millet, and Crack Corn (for added carbs). All birds eat the black oil sunflower. We put White Proso Millet in our premium blend to attract Painted Buntings. White millet also provides carbs for wintertime and for nesting. Added roasted peanuts to attract birds that normally don’t eat seed such as Blue Jays, wood peckers, Nut hatches etc.

Cardinal blend

Cardinal blend consists of Black Oil Sunflower, Striped Sunflower, Safflower and Peanuts (which are all the cardinal’s favorite foods). The blend is chunkier than the rest of our blends which primarily attracts cardinals due to their bigger beak.

Supreme blend

Primarily good for year round
Supreme blend consists of Black Oil Sunflower, Roasted Peanuts and Sunflower Kernel. It is rich in high protein/high fat seed for a stored energy source for birds preparing for winter, but is also good for year round use.

Wildlife blend

Striped Sunflower, Corn Kernels, Whole Peanuts, and Shelled Peanuts. This blend is primarily used for squirrels to redirect them away from your birdfeeders… or because you’re feeling a little nutty.

Gourmet blend

Good for people that want a clean no mess formula
Gourmet blend consists of Hulled Walnuts, Pistachios, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans, Sunflower Kernels, and Black Walnuts. With this blend there is no seed waste. It is a very clean blend because the birds will eat everything with no mess or shells left on the ground.  There is nitrogen that burns from the decomposing shells which kills plants that are under the feeder. This is why this blend has all hulled seeds with no shells.


Primarily For finches such as the Lesser Gold Finch (year around), House finch (year-round), American Gold Finch (fall migration), Purple Finch (fall migration), and Pine Siskin (fall migration).


While this seed is not the favorite seed of all birds it does keep away mammals such as squirrels, possums, racoons and others away. This seed is favored by Cardinals, Chickadees, Tit Mice, along with other song birds. Birds that don’t like it are the black bird family like Grackles, Starling, and Cow Birds.


Also known as golden safflower birds prefer this seed over normal safflower and you will attract more song birds. The difference is its higher in oils, fats, and proteins more so than normal safflower. This means more flavor for the birds. It also has a thinner shell for easier digestion. This seed is higher quality than normal safflower and will still drive away any of the black bird family like Grackles, Starling, and Cow Birds.